Free Kindness Letter from the Tooth Fairy Download by 20 Moments of Tooth

A Tooth Fairy Tradition Was Born...

I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl and started getting wiggly teeth, I was panic stricken.  I mean I did not try to move that tooth at all for fear that it would actually have to fall out or worse that if it did, it would be the bloodiest, most gruesome and painful thing that I would experience.

So when my kids started getting wiggly teeth, I could barely even check if there was a true wiggle.  The self-inflicted trauma still runs deep. 

My husband, on the other hand, well he has a much stronger constitution than I and an extreme soft spot for his baby girl, our eldest (and thus, first child to lose teeth in our home).

When our daughter, Chiara, had her first wiggly tooth, she began correspondence with her Tooth Fairy. Yes - CORRESPONDENCE.  She fully expected that her long 5 year old letter filled with stickers, words she was learning and small sections I transcribed for her, to be acknowledged by her Tooth Fairy and to be written back to.  It was her first pen-pal.  

So the night her first tooth came out, her father was naturally the one to catch it, clean it and then I jumped in to help them celebrate! At bedtime, Ms. C was eager to ask her father to pull out that tooth and put it under her pillow.  After singing her a song and tucking her in, he walked in to our room and asked me, "did you know that Chiara wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy?"  To which I replied, "um, yes, why?" He then retorted, "I can't let it not be answered?! Her letter has to be answered!"

I clearly didn't think it was a big deal.  I figured, "Ok, just get a dollar out and scribble a quick note. Done." My smile was met with his glazed over eyes that were a clear indication that the wheels in his head were turning.  He left the room to get his supplies and I drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning we were greeted with squeals of delight as Chiara burst into our room shouting, "she wrote back and I got a whole $5!" "Five dollars?" I remember whispering discreetly to my husband.  I sort of thought that was setting the bar a little high. 

​Then she waved THE LETTER her Tooth Fairy wrote her. 

I wish I had my camera at the time to have captured that moment in history.  She held unto that Tooth Fairy letter with such tender loving care and could not stop staring at it with adoring eyes tinged with disbelief and wonder.

From that moment on, Danny never missed a letter just to be able to hold on to that little bit of magic with his daughter a little longer. We all share in these special moments, but the two of them have an inexplicable connection because of this tradition. And because of it, 20 Moments of Tooth was born! We knew we just had to bring these enchanting and memorable moments to others. 

We hope our letters help bring about new traditions in your home, spark imagination and incredible conversations between you and your little ones. May they bless your home as they have bless ours.

As a gift from our family to yours, we invite you to download a free Tooth Fairy Letter on Kindness today! We hope this sparks imagination and connection for your family with the next tooth fairy visit.

Free Kindness Letter from the Tooth Fairy Download by 20 Moments of Tooth


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