Pillow Care:

The reversible sequin pillow case has an invisible zipper that unzips easily. Carefully and gently remove the pillow core from the pillowcase, spot clean the pillow case, and allow it to air dry. We do not recommend placing the pillowcase in a washer or in a dryer. The pillow core may be cleaned in a washer in a gentle cycle. Take precautions so as to not allow the seams to come apart, consider placing the pillow core in a net bag while in the washing cycle. It is small enough however that we feel it's best to clean the pillow core by hand as well.

Sticker Care:

All stickers are water resistant. They are made with premium vinyl and are resistant to fading. It is recommended to gently wash surfaces with stickers on it. It is not recommended to put these stickers through a dishwashing cycle.

Sticker Application:

To apply sticker, peel the white backing paper away from the sticker. Stickers are designed for a single-use application, but can be removed to little or no residue. If there is any remaining residue, I like to use hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipe to remove the rest.

Some ideas for sticker application: bottles, laptops, phones, planner/notebooks, clipboards, coolers, and more!

Original Designs:

We at 20 Moments of Tooth are so very excited every morning to be working on new designs for all our products.  As such, we do not resell or consign, all our products are original and are so very proud to bring them to you as such!

Custom Orders Inquiry:

At this time, we are not open for custom orders. Thank you for your interest and understanding!

 Any other questions? Contact us at 20momentsoftooth@gmail.com