Collection: Tooth Fairy Book

A Tooth Fairy Book Set that invites you into the world of Clara, Matthew, & David.  Join these clever and opinionated siblings as they work through the drama of a lost tooth the night before a Tooth Fairy visit.  

This book is amazing! I don’t know who enjoyed it more, if my children or their mom :). It’s not just a story about the tooth fairy and children’s minds, which can be so imaginative, but also a tool to plant seeds of positive thinking and empowerment in our kiddos. I loved that it had a couple big words because my children were so into the story that they were curious to understand every little bit, and asked about them. Therefore, they were entertained, inspired, and elevated. They loved the story, commented on their own perspectives about it, learned new words, and learned life lessons that can help us succeed. Thank you for this gift!

Betsy Guerra from Miami, FL

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