About Us

Hi there!

We're Cristina & Daniel, and along with our 3 kiddos, we created this small family business where we draw much inspiration from our family talks, traditions, and playful antics.

20 Moments of Tooth was born in our home in 2020. After losing one of her first teeth, our daughter took it upon herself to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. And, to her immense delight, the Tooth Fairy wrote back! Somehow, the letter itself and the time we spent with her recounting how she lost her tooth was even more special than the monetary gift she received.  (Don't get me wrong she loved that too!)

The moment we realized that the 20 baby teeth our kiddos were going to lose were 20 opportunities to connect with them in a magical & captivating way, we got to work creating something special for our family.

Once those moments proved to be a highlight in our kids childhood, we just knew that we had to bring these traditions to others.

Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey as parents bringing something special to your kids childhood!

Fairy Funds, Tooth Fairy Pillows, and Letters from the Tooth Fairy are just the beginning of our suite of products. We hope they bring you and your family closer together sharing in new traditions.

We're so happy you're here!



Our Family of Brands

C & D Design is authorized to sell Aragoproducts on Amazon.com.
The 20 Moments of Tooth™ brand is owned by C & D Onsite, DBA C & D Design, a family company.
We've applied for a trademark and are so excited to receive news soon that our brands, 20 Moments of Tooth™ and Arago™ have been officially trademarked by the USPTO.
We currently sell our products exclusively on Amazon.com .
For any inquiries to work with our company, please email : candddesignllc@gmail.com.