a tradition begins...

20 Moments of Tooth was born in our home. After losing one of her first teeth, our daughter took it upon herself to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. And, to her immense delight, the Tooth Fairy wrote back! They have been corresponding with each and every lost tooth thereafter.

Tooth Fairy Pillows, Fairy Fund Certificates, and Letters from the Tooth Fairy are just the beginning of our suite of products. We hope they bring you and your family closer together connecting over this special rite of passage, sharing in new traditions & creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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Celebrate this Important Milestone with a Special Keepsake

  • Luz

    "This is such a cute present I got for my grandson. It will be a beautiful thing to remember when he grows up, how he entrusted the lost teeth to the tooth fairy!"

  • Brooke H.

    "This is the most adorable tooth fairy pillow! I am a nanny for two young boys and since they stay over all the time, I wanted to have a special pillow for them when they lose a tooth. The 5 year old felt very special last week when he lost a tooth at school and I set this out for him!! This would make a great gift for anyone with children :)"

  • Sarah Kim

    "My daughter loves playing with the sequins and i can’t wait to use it once her first tooth falls out. It’s nice that the case unzips so you can wash it."

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