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Tooth Fairy Receipt Card Set

Tooth Fairy Receipt Card Set

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Elevate the Tooth Fairy tradition in your home with our enchanting pack of Tooth Fairy Receipt Cards. Each card in this set of 20 is a gateway to a magical interaction, showcasing the Tooth Fairy's personal touch with every lost tooth your child places under their pillow.


  • Personalized Touch: Our Tooth Fairy Receipt Cards allow the Tooth Fairy to fill in the child’s information, adding a personal note that celebrates their unique moment, ensuring each tooth loss is recognized and cherished.
  • Comprehensive Detailing: From rating the condition of the tooth to giving out special bonuses for the first or last tooth and bravery, these cards cover every aspect of the tooth fairy's visit, including the specific tooth that was lost, adding an educational twist.
  • Special Bonuses: Acknowledge your child's milestones with First Tooth and Last Tooth Bonuses, plus a Bravery Bonus, making each interaction with the Tooth Fairy even more special and encouraging.
  • Keepsake Quality: Crafted in light gold with a sprinkle of fairy dust, these sparkling receipt cards are not just notices but keepsakes, measuring 4.25" x 5.5" - perfect for collecting as memorable tokens of childhood.
  • Signature Poem Included: Each card features a special poem from the Tooth Fairy, turning each lost tooth event into a lesson about growing up and taking on greater responsibilities.
  • Perfect Companion for Tooth Fairy Pillows: Designed to fit perfectly into the "20 Moments of Tooth Reversible Sequin Tooth Fairy Pillow," these cards complement our range of Tooth Fairy accessories, making the experience even more magical.
  • What’s in the Pack: You’ll receive 20 high-quality cardstock Tooth Fairy Receipt Cards, one for each of the 20 baby teeth, along with a super soft, washable tooth holder for secure storage, and a sample of our signature Fairy Funds Certificate as a cash alternative.

Our Tooth Fairy Receipt Card Pack is an imaginative addition to the Tooth Fairy ritual, offering a tangible way to celebrate every milestone in your child’s journey from baby teeth to adult teeth. Order now to bring a personalized, magical experience to your child’s growing up years, creating moments of wonder and joy they will look back on fondly.


4.25" in x 5.5" in

Care Instructions

It is best not to bend the card and to insert it directly into an envelope or into our Tooth Fairy pillow pocket. The tooth pouch may be machine-washed and dried.

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