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Tooth Fairy Door Hanger with Tooth Fairy Tooth Holder

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger with Tooth Fairy Tooth Holder

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Make Tooth Fairy Eve Enchanting and Memorable with our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger!

Dive into a realm of magic and charm with our delightful Tooth Fairy Door Hanger. Perfectly designed for little ones experiencing the joy of losing their baby teeth, this door hanger is more than a simple tool; it's a key element of a whimsical tradition. Elevate the experience of the Tooth Fairy's visit, turning each tooth loss event into a treasured memory filled with magic and delight.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite Beech Wood Craftsmanship: Carved from premium beech wood, our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger presents a timeless aesthetic. Its superior craftsmanship ensures a lasting charm for many visits from the Tooth Fairy.

  • Magical Tooth Holder: Equipped with a soft, secure bag, this feature simplifies the placement of your child's lost tooth, making it easily accessible for both your child and the Tooth Fairy.

  • Ideally Sized for Versatility: With dimensions of 10cm x 15cm, the wooden door hanger fits beautifully on any door or bedside table. Its size, coupled with the added cotton rope, provides various hanging options to fit different room layouts.

  • Complements 20 Moments of Tooth Collection: Designed to integrate seamlessly with our '20 Moments of Tooth' range, including the tooth fairy box and pillow, for a full Tooth Fairy experience.

  • Exclusive Enchanting Poem: Each door hanger is adorned with a unique poem that softly calls upon the Tooth Fairy, adding an extra touch of magic to the night before her anticipated visit.

Why Our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger?

Our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger is a portal to a magical experience, crafted to preserve the excitement and innocence of childhood through the Tooth Fairy tradition. Every aspect, from the quality of the wood to the enchanting poem, is thoughtfully designed to make tooth loss a joyful and memorable event for your child.

Enhance the anticipation and joy of the Tooth Fairy's arrival with this elegant piece from 20 Moments of Tooth. Let your child's journey with the Tooth Fairy be filled with wonder, tradition, and the charming allure of our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger.


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