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Tooth Fairy Letter Kit, 5 pack

Tooth Fairy Letter Kit, 5 pack

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Celebrate your child's tooth loss milestones with our enchanting Tooth Fairy Letter Kit, a whimsical and magical way to mark each moment. This kit is designed to create unforgettable memories and foster virtues in your child through personalized interactions with the Tooth Fairy.

Kit Features:

  • 5 Unique Tooth Fairy Letters: Each letter contains a special poem emphasizing virtues like Kindness, Courage, Generosity, Compassion, and Selflessness, creating meaningful moments.
  • 5 Customizable Tooth Fairy Certificates: Personalize with your child’s name and the gifted amount in Fairy Funds, offering a delightful cash alternative.
  • 5 Tooth Receipts: Keep track of each tooth collected by the Tooth Fairy, ensuring a fun way to document this special journey.
  • 5 Sturdy Envelopes & Embossed Sticker Seals: Securely store and organize the letters, certificates, and receipts, sealed with an "Official Tooth Fairy Visit" embossed sticker for that authentic touch.
  • 1 Soft Microfiber Tooth Pouch: Safely store collected teeth, ready for the Tooth Fairy's visit, in a soft and durable pouch.

The "20 Moments of Tooth" Fairy Letter Kit turns the milestone of losing teeth into a joyous and memorable experience. Perfect for parents looking to add a touch of magic to their child's Tooth Fairy encounters. Order now to make each Tooth Fairy visit magical and unforgettable!


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