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Tooth Fairy Wand Pen & Notepad Set

Tooth Fairy Wand Pen & Notepad Set

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Introducing the Magical Floating Glitter Pen and Tooth Fairy Notepad Set!

Make writing an enchanting experience with our set of two floating glitter pens and a 50-sheet notepad with a glittery border and a small Tooth Fairy image on top. These gel pens feature a mesmerizing floating glitter tube that adds a touch of magic to every stroke. With smooth black ink, they provide effortless writing, leaving defined lines without smudging or skipping.

Resembling Tooth Fairy Wands, these pens are topped with adorable tooth fairy figures, capturing the imagination of children and adding a whimsical touch to any writing task. They are perfect for two special purposes:

Children can use this cool pen set to write letters to their tooth fairies the night before the anticipated visit. Imagine the joy as they create a pen-pal relationship with their very own tooth fairy! Encourage their creativity and make the tooth fairy experience even more memorable.

Dental offices can embrace the fun and cool vibe by using these pens and notepad to jot down important notes. Whether it's for dental hygienists, dental assistants, or even the esteemed Tooth Fairy of the office - the dentist, this set adds a delightful touch to their daily tasks.

The 50-sheet notepad provides ample space for writing down reminders, appointments, or special dental instructions. It's a practical addition to the set, ensuring you have everything you need for a magical writing experience.

Unlock the magic of writing with our Floating Glitter Pen and Notepad Set. Get yours today and let the imagination soar!


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