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Tooth Fairy Book and Letter Kit

Tooth Fairy Book and Letter Kit

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Immerse yourself and your little ones in the whimsical world of "Tooth Be Told" with our unique softcover book & Tooth Fairy Letter Kit. This captivating adventure follows three siblings through their enchanting encounters with the Tooth Fairy, blending excitement, humor, and a touch of magic into bedtime story time. But there's more – this kit is designed to transform every tooth loss into a momentous occasion, creating lasting memories for both parents and children.

What's Inside:

  • "Tooth Be Told" Softcover Book: A heartwarming tale in rhyme that navigates the excitement and nerves associated with the Tooth Fairy's visit, soothing anxieties and adding excitement to the bedtime routine.

  • Tooth Fairy Letter Kit: Elevate the magic with five beautifully themed letters from the Tooth Fairy, each written in poetic form and focusing on virtues like Kindness, Courage, Compassion, Generosity, and Selflessness, encouraging and uplifting your child just like the characters in the story.

  • 5 Tooth Receipts: Authentic keepsakes from the Tooth Fairy, detailing the lost tooth, date, and special notes, adding an extra layer of enchantment.

  • 5 Cash Alternative Fairy Fund Certificates: These certificates present an innovative alternative to traditional monetary rewards, offering gifts of experiences or values that your family cherishes.

  • 5 Envelopes and Gold Sticker Seals: Deliver the magical letters in style, sealed with the official mark of an "Official Tooth Fairy Visit," for an authentic Tooth Fairy experience.

  • Soft Tooth Fairy Bag Tooth Holder: A safe and charming way to store the precious lost tooth, perfectly complementing the "20 Moments of Tooth" pillow (sold separately) for an all-encompassing Tooth Fairy adventure.

This "20 Moments of Tooth" Tooth Fairy Gifts Kit, featuring the delightful 6"x9" softcover book "Tooth Be Told," includes everything you need to create magical, treasured moments. Embark on this enchanting journey with the Tooth Fairy and watch your child's imagination light up with joy and wonder.

Order your kit today and let the magic of the Tooth Fairy fill your home with excitement and cherished memories.


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