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Tooth Be Told Coloring Book

Tooth Be Told Coloring Book

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Introducing the Tooth Be Told Activity & Coloring Book - the perfect companion to the enchanting story of Clara, Matthew, and David's bedtime comical drama the night before their Tooth Fairy visit! Let your little ones dive deeper into the magical world of these endearing characters as they embark on a whimsical adventure filled with colors, puzzles, and activities. Ignite Imagination and Learning:

Spark your child's imagination and promote their emotional learning with the captivating activities in this book. From Tooth Be Told-themed coloring pages to engaging puzzles, mazes, and word searches, each page is designed to entertain and educate your little ones in a fun-filled way. Watch as they dive into the world of wonder, creativity, and problem-solving.

Features of the Activity & Coloring Book:

  • 18 pages of interactive activities and coloring pages
  • 7 pages of puzzle keys to unravel mysteries and challenges
  • A blank page behind each page to minimize bleed-through and for ease of sharing.
  • High-quality illustrations to inspire creativity
  • Brain-teasing puzzles and mazes for cognitive development
  • Tooth-themed coloring pages to enhance fine motor skills

Perfect for Sharing and Learning:

The Tooth Be Told Activity & Coloring Book is not only a source of entertainment, but also encourages sharing and collaboration. With blank pages at the back of each activity or coloring page, your child can easily tear out their creations and share them with friends, family, or display them proudly. Plus, the blank back pages ensure that markers won't ruin the following page, allowing your child to unleash their creativity without worry!

Fun for the Whole Family:

This activity book is suitable for children of various ages, making it a fantastic addition to family time. Gather around the table and embark on a coloring adventure, challenge each other with brain-teasing puzzles, or simply enjoy the joyous illustrations together. It's a wonderful opportunity to bond, share laughter, and create treasured memories.


8.5" x 11"

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