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A story about siblings working through the drama of losing a tooth, the courage one might need, & the wonder of what happens next...

The story begins when Clara has just lost her third tooth and is absolutely giddy with excitement that she gets to experience the magic of a Tooth Fairy night TONIGHT!

“Oh, yeah! Check it out! Come quick! Look and see!
I already lost my first two teeth. So, now, this one makes THREE!"

That third tooth took a bit longer than she had expected to finally wiggle free, but at long last she got it out. Clara fully expects to wake up to a little note and gift from her favorite fairy of all!
Matthew, Clara's middle brother, is not having any of this.

"There’s no WAY that I’ll be able to sleep tonight.
No way! Not after seeing THAT horrifying sight."

Clearly, something has gone terribly wrong with his sister. She’s celebrating that her tooth fell out after all! Why in the world are they not rushing to a hospital to put it back where it belongs?! And not only is she happy about this bloody mess, but she’s looking forward to a fairy of some sort coming into their room, where he sleeps, to steal her tooth! Something is definitely NOT RIGHT.
David is here for the drama and ready to spice things up with his uncanny sense of humor. After all, he can see things from both sides and he’ll be sure to come to each of his siblings’ aid in order to prove that their point of view is the correct one.

"Nooo…, don’t want you to take out my tooth! ... it’s moving around, I can feel it…it’s looth!"

Come and enjoy an evening with these 3 young siblings as they point out the wrinkles in each other’s ideas and use their big, bold, and WONDERful imagination to prove their points.
  • Tooth be Told can be enjoyed by all ages, but perfect for ages 6-9
  • Encourages children to listen to one another and seek resolution in sibling conflict.
  • Is a conversation-starter for topics such as Kindness, Courage, Wonder, and why one must lose their teeth.
  • Is perfect for creating special parent-child bonding moments.
  • Is a great gift for birthdays, baby showers, adoption parties, gender reveal parties, and of course as a Tooth Fairy Gift from the resident Tooth Fairy in YOUR house!

With vivid illustrations from Kamdon Calloway and whimsical rhymes, Tooth Be Told is sure to become your child's next bedtime story favorite!


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