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Complete Tooth Fairy Kit

Complete Tooth Fairy Kit

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Elevate your child's Tooth Fairy experience with the "Tooth Fairy COMPLETE Kit" – a magical set designed to captivate and delight. This comprehensive kit combines the wonder of a message to the Tooth Fairy with the interactive fun of reversible sequins, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Captivating Discovery: The joy of waking up to find a special gift and letter from the Tooth Fairy, with their tooth magically replaced, is unmatched. The sequin pillow adds a layer of excitement, revealing the Tooth Fairy's image.
  • Enchanting Pillow Choices: Available in three mesmerizing reversible sequin colors: Gold, Rose/Champagne, and Blue. Each pillow allows for creative expression, flipping between a sparkling Tooth Fairy image and a sleek, solid color.
  • Complete Tooth Fairy Kit: The set includes 20 Tooth Fairy Receipts, 20 Fairy Funds Cash Alternative Certificates, 5 Tooth Fairy Letters with envelopes and seals, and 1 Tooth Pouch, ensuring you're prepared for every lost tooth.
  • Superior Quality: Crafted with high-quality materials for comfort and durability. The pillow is soft, comfortable, and designed for endless sequin flipping fun. Comes with a pillow insert for easy setup.

Make every Tooth Fairy visit a magical adventure with the "Tooth Fairy COMPLETE Kit." Order now to create lasting memories of joy and enchantment for your child!


8" x 8" Pillow

Care Instructions

Remove pillow core. May wash pillow core in machine, it is best to hand wash & air dry pillow case.

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